Drosera Gemmae
Carnivorous plant sales and growing information
This is a website dedicated to pygmy Drosera!
----We sometimes have potted carnivorous plants and pygmy Drosera
gemmae for sale and we try to provide the best professional service. At
times we sell on Ebay under the user "marius621" or
"droseragemmae-com" so feel free to check our feedback. Also present
on the international carnivorous plant forums under the user "mark.ca".
We specialize in growing pygmy sundews but we also grow other types
of carnivorous plants. We can offer for sale rare pygmy drosera species.
----This website is build and maintained by Marius Vid. I'm a married
man in my early 30's who found his passion for growing plants around
the age of 5. I started growing regular house plants then switched to
tropical plants when i got my first greenhouse. Later i started growing
cactus and succulents until a few years back when i found a Venus
Flytrap in my local Walmart...and of course you all know what happened
I started collecting every beginner carnivorous plant i could get my
hands on. It was really easy to grow them. I had my past years of
experience with tropical plants so i just used that knowledge to grow
sundews. Later i learned about this small group of carnivorous plants
called pygmy Drosera and immediately fell in love.
----This group of plants are not appreciated enough and unfortunately
some species can be very hard to find. I hope this website will fill a few
gaps and will be a good resource for buying pygmy drosera gemmae and

----Best regards,
--------Marius Vid
--------------About Us
----We are an honest family that
operates a small carnivorous plant
nursery! We are not going to
pretend we are big or have lots of
years spent in the carnivorous
plant business. However, we will
provide you with the best service
possible!....And that for us means
a service just a bit better than the
one you will get anywhere else!
----We sometimes add gifts to our orders as many of our customers
already noticed (some extra gemmae,an extra specie pack or plants).
We do this randomly, with no obligation, while supplies last and not at
request! This is just our way to show our respect and gratefulness for
anyone interested in this fascinating group of carnivorous plants.
----We will try to provide you the information you need to grow these
beautiful plants and hope to spread the virus and convince you to join the
carnivorous plant community!
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