Carnivorous plant sales and growing information
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In our efforts to diversify our stack we now offer Nephenthes species,
Heliamphora species and Cephalotus varieties.
Our Nepenthes come from various sources, locations and in different sizes.
Size estimates are approximations and usually the plants you will receive are
bigger than the listed size. Please see the size chart and type of culture chart to
learn more information about the plant you are interested in purchasing.

Other interesting carnivorous and non-carnivorous plants may also be listed
for sale on this page.
The plants are fully acclimated at the time of sale! We ship
most of them potted in order to avoid transplant shock. We recommend that
you acclimate the plant to your conditions for a month before you repot.

The order of the information in each listing: type of culture, size, source, potted
or bare root and price.              
Minimum order is 10$ total.
Measurements of the leaf from stem to start of
tendril, not including the tendril or pitcher. On
Cephalotus we measure the diameter of the crown.

Size 1  : under 1/4"               Please remember that
Size 2  : 1/4" to 1/2"              some species are of a
Size 3  : 1/2" to 1"                 small stature and will
Size 4  : 1" to 2"                    never reach a 9" leaf size.
Size 5  : 2" to 3"                    In these cases the age
Size 6  : 3" to 4"                    of the plant will be
Size 7  : 4" to 6"                    considered when given
Size 8  : 6" to 9"                    a size value along with
Size 9  : 9" to 12"                  the following symbol: *
Size 10: over 12"
These initials are meant to describe how the plant
was obtained by us.

UTC: Unrooted tip (growing point) cutting
USC: Unrooted stem cutting
BC   : Basal rooted cutting
SC   : Stem rooted cutting
SG   : Seed grown plant
TC   : Tissue culture plant
RD   : Root division
(Cephalotus ONLY)
PC   : Pitcher cutting (Cephalotus ONLY)
LC   : Leaf cutting (Cephalotus ONLY)
CD   : Crown Division
Nepenthes sanguinea
BC, size 3, potted                                                 9.90$    
Nepenthes hamata, Gunung Lumut, Sulawesi        
TC, size 3, AW (clone 4), potted                        79.90$   
Nepenthes 'Miranda' [maxima x (maxina x northiana)]   
BC, size 9, own stock, bare root                                                 24.90$    
Potted plants in various sizes:
Cephalotus follicularis Type     
Small, PC or LC, size 2, own stock                    16.90$     Sold Out
Young adult, PC or LC, size 3, own stock        24.90$    Sold Out
Adult-flowering size, CD, size 4, own stock    49.90$     

Cephalotus follicularis
'Hummer's Giant'
Small, PC or LC, size 2, own stock  
                  49.90     Sold Out
Cephalotus follicularis
Cephalotus follicularis
Nepenthes Species
N. sanguinea
Nepenthes hybrids
UniHeat pack for 72 hours        3.00$
We recommend that you purchase a 72 hours heat pack if your night time temperatures are low enough to cause
damage to the plant you are purchasing. The heat pack can be used in any USPS Priority or Express order within
Nepenthes villosa
TC, size 1, AW, potted                                                         69.90$    
Nepenthes ramispina
BC, size 4, potted                                                      14.90$    
Nepenthes tobaica
BC, size 4, potted                                                        9.90$    
Nepenthes madagascariensis
BC, size 4, potted                                                      9.90$    
Nepenthes 'Lady Pauline'
BC, size 5, potted                                                          14.90$    
Nepenthes vieillardii   
BC, size 3, potted                                                      
Nepenthes tomoriana
BC, size 4, potted                                                      14.90$    
Nepenthes hirsuta
BC, size 5, potted                                                      14.90$    
N Hamata
Nepenthes khasiana
BC, size 4, potted                                                     14.90$    
Nepenthes 'Red Leopard' (ventricosa x maxima)   
BC, size 4, own stock, potted                                                14.90$    
Heliamphora Species
Potted plants in various sizes:

H. hispida         CD, size 3, AW                29.90$        

H. nutans           CD, size 3, AW               29.90$       SOLD OUT

H. minor (Auyan)  CD, size 3, AW           19.90$       SOLD OUT

H. pulchella       CD, size 3, AW                29.90        SOLD OUT   
Nepenthes villosa
Heliamphora minor
Nepenthes 'Splendiana' x tentaculata
BC, size 4, own stock, potted                                                14.90$    
Nepenthes macrophilla
BC, size 4, potted                                                      89.90$