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This is a website dedicated to pygmy drosera!
----------------Plant Sales
The drosera plants sold potted are planted in small 2" to 3" square or round plastic pots
to help ease shipping costs. Pygmy drosera come in small colonies. The other drosera
species pots also contain multiple plants except prolifera which usually contains a single
small plant. It is typical for sundews to look down and lose all their dew during shipping.
-----The pots in the photos are just a representation of what you will receive and are not
the ones available for sale at this time!!!              

   Minimum order is 10$ total.
Please take your time and read the shipping policies on "Sales Terms & Policies" page. By purchasing from this site you agree
to the shipping terms stated there!
About The Images

-----You can use any of our images/photos ,without editing them, in private purposes only and not commercial! We will
constantly update the photos and in time try to fill up the gaps. If you have any comments or questions do no hesitate to contact
----The potted plants are available for shipping to USA only!!!
They will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail service.
Drosera spatulata        potted 9.90$                
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UniHeat pack for 72 hours        3.00$
We recommend that you purchase a 72 hours heat pack if your night time temperatures are low enough to cause
damage to the plant you are purchasing. The heat pack can be used in any USPS Priority or Express order within
Drosera capensis 'Albino'        potted 9.90$                
Drosera nidiformis       potted 9.90$                
Drosera burmanii        potted 9.90$                
Drosera prolifera  (small plants)     potted 14.90$                
Drosera pygmaea       potted 14.90$                
Drosera trichocaulis       potted 14.90$                
Drosera pygmaea
Drosera gibsonii      potted 14.90$                
Drosera scorpioides Pink     potted 14.90$