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This is a website dedicated to pygmy Drosera!
How to order?

You can purchase any item listed with an "Add to Cart" icon in
its proximity                       . You can click on the icon next to
the item description or name and go through the payment
process or continue shopping. If you want to use a form of
payment other than PayPal you need to email us the list of items
wanted, your address and tell us which payment method you
want to use. Please note that you do not have to own an account
with PayPal in order to complete the checkout process! You can
sign up for an account for free or you can just pay using your
credit card or bank transfer through PayPal.
Payment methods

By PayPal

You can purchase any product listed on the website as long as it has an                        "Add to
Cart" icon in its proximity. In rare cases items listed as available may not be available. In this
case we will refund the amount paid or replace the item, whatever you prefer. Please make sure
your address is up to date on your PayPal account because that is the one we will send the
package to. You can also request for the package to be sent to a different address from the one
listed on your PayPal account. In this case please contact us
before you buy or immediately
and give us the shipping address.

By personal check or money order

We also accept personal checks or money orders but the plants won't be sent until the buyer's
payment clears. If you decide to send in a check or a money order please contact us first and
we will provide all the information you need. Please send the payment as soon as possible. We
will not hold your gemmae/seed order more than 2 weeks or a plant order more than 30 days!

No cash by mail!

We do not accept cash by mail as a payment method. It is just not safe and we do not trust
USPS (or others) that much in the first place! Thank you for your understanding!

Shipping policies

We can assure you that your gemmae, seeds or plants will arrive in great condition. However,
we do not accept any returns on gemmae purchases or any live plants. The plants may not
make the return trip alive! We do not exchange plants, gemmae or seeds just because you
changed your mind only if the package was not shipped at the time you contacted us!
If any problems appear in the shipping or delivery process we will do everything in our powers
to solve them! Your satisfaction is our number one priority!   

Shipping cost includes the materials used and the fee charged by USPS.  A tracking number
can be provided via email when using First Class, Priority or Express Service in USA. Shipping
times are estimates provided by USPS and not guaranteed. Expect shipping delays around the
national holidays!

For orders shipped in the state of California a 8.75% tax will apply in the checkout process.  

Please ask for shipping delay (no more than 7 days on gemmae) if you think the meteorological
conditions in your area may affect the gemmae/plant package. It's your responsibility inform

We use USPS First Class for gemmae, Priority Service for plants or supplies and regular mail
for seeds.

Shipping costs are for USA only. If you are from outside USA please pay and include in your
shopping cart the shipping method of your choice! On gemmae orders the First Class Mail
International or Registered Mail is NOT an option! It's too slow and the gemmae will not make
the trip alive! We can ship via Priority International Mail which costs 13.95$ with a delivery
time of 6 to 10 days or Express International Mail which costs 29.95$ with a delivery time of 4
to 6 days. A tracking number will be provided only with Express Mail.   

Items will be sent to your PayPal address or to the one you provide in the checkout process so
please make sure it's up to date! You need to confirm your address if you order from outside
USA. You can use the "Note" box in the check out process to notify us on your address details.
Just write "same" in the note box if your address is up to date and complete on your PayPal
profile. If you have a different address that the one listed on your account please notify us
immediately. If you fail to notify us in time your package will be sent to the address listed on
the account. If the package returns to us due to an incorrect or incomplete provided address we
will resend your order ONLY if shipping is paid by you again or we will refund the amount of
the order MINUS the shipping and handling costs. On "Free Shipping" items a
will apply on the refunded amount which is 2$ or a resend fee of 2$ must be paid if you
want us to resend your order.

We usually send out the packages on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday(depending on
your location)
IF payment is received by that time. We send packages internationally every day
of the week except Sunday. We will try to avoid the package from getting stuck in the post
office over the weekends or holidays.

We will replace or refund any package lost by USPS. We guarantee healthy plants and good
condition upon arrival if shipped within  USA. If orders arrive in a bad state, contact us
immediately upon arrival and we will replace the order or refund the order amount if we don't
have a replacement. Please make sure your package is not left in your mail box for days! We
reserve the right to ask back the damaged orders for inspection before shipping replacements
or ask for photos as proof. A 72 hour heat pack may be purchased with your domestic Priority
or Express order. Please note that we only sell the heat packs with plant or gemmae/seed orders
as means of protection against cold weather. The heat pack will be activated right before
shipping. Maximum 2 packs per box.

Your personal information is safe with us. We will use it to communicate with you or deliver
your orders only! We want to inhibit any potential fraud attempt and choose PayPal to do our
business with.

10$ Minimum order

There is a minimum order of 10$, including shipping, required on our website starting January
1st of 2013. Amounts under 10$ will be refunded to customer and the order will be canceled.  

About the images
You can use any of our images/photos ,without editing them, in private purposes only and not
! We work hard with what we have and sometimes what we have it's just not enough
to get that sharp looking photo. Hopefully in time we will be able to improve our work and
show more clear and sharp pictures. We will constantly update the photos and in time try to fill
up the gaps. If you have any comments or questions do no hesitate to contact us! Enjoy!

About the growing information

The growing information provided on this website is based on our experience growing these
plants. Please remember that we may live in different climate zones and that alone will bring
some new challenges in your effort to grow pygmy Drosera. What works for us may not work
for you.

This information is for everyone to use in private purposes only. We will try to provide good,
correct and reliable information on this website. However, we are not responsible for any loss
of plants or goods due to incomplete or inaccurate information! Use the information, care
guides on this website at your own risk!

If you have any questions about the website or the website policies do not
hesitate to contact us!!!
-Sales Terms and Website Policies
Description of icons

If you see the "Add to Cart" button                       it means the item in its proximity is now
available for purchase.
If you see the "Coming Soon" logo             it means the item in its proximity will be available
for purchase in 1 to 3 weeks.
If you see the "Sold Out" logo             it means the item in its proximity is not available at this
If you see the "Temporarily Unavailable" logo
              it means the item in its proximity is not
available at this time but may become available in the next 1-2 months.
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