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This is a website dedicated to pygmy Drosera!
---------Shipping Fees
International Shipping Fee

International customers must select and pay for one of the
shipping methods! Shipping on gemmae is free for USA and
Canada only!

On gemmae orders, the First Class Mail International or
Registered Mail is NOT an option! It's too slow and the
gemmae will not make the trip alive!
We can ship via Priority International Mail or Express
International Mail. A tracking number will be provided only
with Express Mail.
On gemmae orders we offer 3 bonus pack
of our choice when using International Priority Mail and 4
bonus packs of our choice when using International Express.
Priority International Mail: 29.95$        delivery in 6 to 14 days  (seeds and gemmae)
Express International Mail: 46.96$        delivery in 4 to 8 days  (seeds and gemmae)

Items will be sent to your PayPal address or to the one you provide in the checkout process
so please make sure it's up to date! You can use the "Note" box in the check out process to
notify us on your address details. Just write "same" in the note box if your address is up to
date and complete on your PayPal profile.
If you have a different address that the one listed on your account please notify us
immediately. If you fail to notify us in time your package will be sent to the address listed on
the account. If the package returns to us due to an incorrect or incomplete provided address
we will resend your order ONLY if shipping is paid by you again or we will refund the amount
of the order MINUS the shipping and handling costs.
We send packages internationally every day of the week except Sundays and national
holydays when post offices are closed.
First Class International Mail: 2.95$        delivery 2-3 weeks (for seeds ONLY!)
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Service Upgrades For Gemmae Shipping To USA
We use First Class Mail shipping as our free shipping service for gemmae packs sent anywhere in
the USA. However, you have the option to use a faster flat rate shipping service if you need to.
You have to select it and add it to your shopping cart before checking out. We do recommend
using faster shipping services if you live in a cold climate or your current conditions are extreme.
We do not charge any additional packing fees.
If a heat pack is purchased the Priority shipping
charge will be automatically added to your order
, in other words there is no need to purchase
Priority shipping if you buy a heat pack since it is automatically added as a shipping cost.
Priority Mail: 5.75$        delivery 2-4 days         USA ONLY! (seeds and gemmae)
Express Mail: 23.95$        delivery 1-2 days         USA ONLY! (seeds and gemmae)
UniHeat pack for 72 hours        3.00$
We recommend that you purchase a 72 hours heat pack if your night time
temperatures are low enough to cause damage to the gemmae or seeds you are
purchasing. The heat pack can be used in any USPS Priority or Express order within
We understand the shipping costs are high but these are the USPS rates and there's nothing
we can do about it. By offering the free bonus packs we hope to cover a bit from these costs
and make it worth ordering from your perspective.
Gemmae orders:
+ 3 gemmae bonus pack
Gemmae orders:
+ 4 gemmae bonus packs
There is no need to
purchase Priority shipping if
you buy a heat pack since it
is automatically added as a
shipping cost.