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This is a website dedicated to pygmy Drosera!
-----------------Welcome to our website!!!

---This is a website dedicated to pygmy Drosera. We will share our
experience and our plants with any grower interested in this small and yet
fascinating group of carnivorous plants. We have build a small "Photo
Gallery" page that we hope it will come in handy when trying to ID an
unknown pygmy in your collection. We plan on adding a lot more information
and images on the site over time. We will try to provide you the information
you need to grow these beautiful plants and hope to spread the virus and
convince you to join the carnivorous plant community!
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Pygmy Drosera Species and Forms

Drosera allantostigma
Drosera androsacea
Drosera barbigera
subsp. barbigera
-----Giant northern form
-----Small southern form
Drosera barbigera subsp. silvicola
Drosera callistos
-----Brookton form
Drosera citrina subsp. citrina
Drosera citrina
subsp. citrina var. nivea
Drosera closterostigma
-----Mogumber form
Drosera dichrosepala subsp. dichrosepala
-----Small form        
-----Giant form
-----Narrikup form        
-----Betty Beach form
-----Fish Road Track form
-----Pink Flower form
Drosera dichrosepala subsp. enodes
-----Giant form
-----Scott River form
Drosera echinoblastus
-----Large form
Drosera eneabba
-----Red form
-----Green form
Drosera gibsonii
Drosera grievei
Drosera helodes
-----Bulls Brook form
Drosera hyperostigma
Drosera lasiantha
Drosera leucoblasta
-----Brookton form      
-----Cranbrook form
Drosera leucostigma
-----Yellow form
-----Red form
Drosera mannii
-----Pink flower
Drosera miniata
-----Coomallo form
-----Giant flower form
Drosera nitidula
Drosera occidentalis subsp. australis
-----Warriup form
Drosera occidentalis var. microscapa
Drosera occidentalis subsp. occidentalis
-----Mt. Cooke
-----Cape De Grand
Drosera omissa
-----Pink flower
-----White flower
Drosera oreopodion
Drosera patens
-----Marshall Road, Malaga, W.A.
Drosera paleacea subsp. leioblastus
Drosera paleacea subsp. paleacea
-----Cranbrook form      
-----Giant form
-----Perth form
-----South Coast form
Drosera paleacea subsp. trichocaulis
Drosera pedicellaris
Drosera pulchella
-----Orange flower
-----Orange 2      
-----Salmon flower        
-----Red flower
-----Pink flower
-----White flower
-----Red 52A
-----Coral red flower
-----Coral pink flower, red center
-----Orange with dark red almost black center,
Baker's Junction, WA
-----White flower, red center
-----Light pink      
-----Pink and white
-----Scott River
-----Purple maroon
-----Big Brook
-----pale pink flower, Marshall Road
-----pink flower, Bluff Knoll summit
-----orange flower, Mt Cooke
Drosera platystigma
-----Giant form
Drosera parvula subsp. parvula
Drosera parvula subsp. sargentii
Drosera pycnoblasta
-----White flower       
-----Pink flower
Drosera pygmaea
-----All green form       
-----East Australia form
-----Kangaroo form
-----New Zealand form
-----Queensland form
-----South Coast form
-----Sydney form      
-----Tasmania form
Drosera rechingeri
Drosera roseana
Drosera scorpioides
-----Pink flower
-----White flower
-----Gidgegannup form
-----Albany form
Drosera sewelliae
Drosera spilos
-----Mini form
Drosera stelliflora
Drosera walyunga
-----White flower form      
-----Pale apricot flower form

(?) - uncertainty about the form existence
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Pygmy Drosera Hybrids

Drosera allantostigma x omissa

Drosera callistos
x lasiantha (aka "Dork's

Drosera mannii x omissa

Drosera patens
x occidentalis (aka "Lake

Drosera nitidula x pygmaea

Drosera pulchella
x omissa

Drosera omissa
x pulchella

Drosera nitidula
x occidentalis subsp.
(?) (aka "Carbarup")

Drosera nitidula x pulchella

Drosera lasiantha
x omissa (white flower)

Drosera occidentalis x pulchella (?)

Drosera echinoblastus x omissa (white flower)

Drosera helodes x pulchella 52A
---None of our plants offered for sale are collected from the wild and our greenhouse is NOT open to public visits
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---------What is a pygmy Drosera gemma?

---A pygmy Drosera gemma is a modified leaf, a vegetative
bud produced by the plant as means of asexual propagation.
These plants can also propagate naturally by seeds but this
comes as a secondary option and...

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Please check out our "Plant Sales" page!
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Get your free gemmae pack!***************Get your free gemmae pack!***************Get your free gemmae pack!
Get your free gemmae pack!***************Get your free gemmae pack!
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